[Fixed 1.49][Bug 1.47] Finance overview

I discovered an error in the finance overview screen. I started a new game with the new build 1.47 and on the 1st day i checked the finance overview.

In my opinion the total expenses within the 24 hours can not be different from those of all time if less than 24 hours have gone by.

Furthermore remarkable to me is that I started with 3.000k, and the total profit is -2.443k but I ended up with 798k without a loan. In my opnion the total profit has to be -2.202k.

Hi, thanks for reporting this. The problem is that currently the ‘24 hours’ data is ignoring the ‘current’ hour (so it only measures full hours, not partial ones, to make comparisons more sensible), whereas the total includes ALL.
I’ll fix it so the total also ignores the current hour…

Fixed in 1.49:

  1. [Bug] Finance summary screen now ignores the current hour for calculating lifetime results, so it is consistent with reporting in the other columns.

Thanks a lot.