fixed backdrops?

i know that cliff has made it possible to have fixed backrounds for scenarios. ive seen the youtube clip.

what i wonder is, how do you do this? is there a line that you must add to the scenario file?

please help!


Cliffski enabled this quite awhile back, there were a few people that were going to make navy battles and on moons etc . .

thanks, will need it for a drone scenario ^^

leviathans are no match for the mighty core of the Drones!

oh, that one… That will be awesome :wink:

What about my 50,000x50,000 pixel station?

seeing as that station goes in a map, and seeing as the Drone Core is map sized, yes, I think it is more than a match :stuck_out_tongue:
Although an interesting one…

yes, that one mission will be something like the trench run but with cruisers :wink:

that said, me and wasabi have some pretty gratuitous ideas for that mod >:D

BUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! chokes and dies, leaving his best ideas in his head

So you could attach any image you wanted? And rotate it? (Ponyus pay attention here, this is what I was talking about! :P)

Sorry mate, many of us out here have had the same idea. ( i have just finished creating my version )

no it isnt, asteroids are a totaly different thing from the backround thing explained here, right?

EDIT: read your pm wasabi, nvm…