[Fixed] Game crash with mod

I cant play with mods (with other countries like Finland, Greece etc) game crashes. If I run Germany, Australia etc I dont have problem.

Please help.

[code] [2:8:57:578]- ----DEBUG FILE----


I’m having the same problem. Regular missions work fine, but when I initiate a mod mission the game immediately stops working. I used the windows installer supplied by the website.

[18:39:45:106]- ----DEBUG FILE----
[18:39:45:106]- Windows Vista detected
[18:39:45:106]- Command Line: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Democracy 3\Democracy3.exe” -silent
[18:39:45:106]- Command Line argument:[-silent]
[18:39:45:106]- Desktop resolution is 1280 x 720
[18:39:45:106]- Initialising Sound Engine
[18:39:45:184]- Finished Initialising Sound Engine
[18:39:45:200]- Attempting to initialise steam
[18:39:45:356]- Steam initialisation success
[18:39:45:356]- Requesting steam stats…
[18:39:45:356]- …Steam stats requested
[18:39:45:356]- Initialising Direct3D
[18:39:46:261]- Initialising global vertex buffer
[18:39:46:932]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [data/dlc.txt]
[18:39:48:827]- Received stats and achievements from Steam

[18:39:57:254]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [data/dlc.txt]
[18:40:4:848]- GBufferedFile failed to open file [data/dlc.txt]
[18:40:17:155]- Starting new game…
[18:40:17:604]- Failed to find neuron:.\src\SIM_Neuron.cpp 389