[FIXED] Not all catalysts available in game

I’m playing a “everything unlocked game” and not all catalysts are available with all ingredients discovered. The “Hexagonal catalyst” is missing preventing the “Fights HIV cure” from being made.

Same problem, i kept playing after completing the "Even mo’ money’ scenario, unlocked all ingredients and was surprised to find a cure i didn’t have the catalyst for. Thought the LHC might be needed, but it only does concentrations, not catalysts.

I had the same problem with “Put the competition to sleep” where I had to have a certain catalyst to complete the challenge. I unlocked every location and it wasnt anywhere.

This should be fixed from version v0.42.00 onwards.

This is not fixed in the latest version (as of 2015-08-02). I’ve unlocked all ingredients and the final catalyst (hex) isn’t there.

What scenario are you playing? Advanced? Quick start? Crippling Debt?