[FIXED] White/Blank menu screen?

Hi all,

I did a search and couldnt find a similar post - if this issue has been resolved please send me the link.

I just bought/installed the Galactic Conquest add on. Now when i load GSB, i arrive at the Main Menu screen, the music starts normally, i get the meno options at the bottom of the screen along with the border, however there is no ‘wallpaper’ - just a white screen?
The rest of the menu’s and the game seems to run ok, however its just the main screent thats having this issue.

Can anyone assist here?


hi, the game may be running out of video memory (unlikely). Do you have a low spec video card? Does it do this in windowed mode too?
Can you email cliff@positech.co.uk with the contents of the debug files:

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug

Hi Cliffski

Thanks for the quick reply!
The problem fixed itself - i restarted the game a couple of times and after the 2nd restart i recieved the background image on the main screen. Its all good. Don’t know what caused it, but the issue hasnt resurfaced.