Fixing all defects in cars


I’m trying to get all defects out of the cars so I placed the upgraded rework station, then a smart switch that separates the cars with defects.After that I placed another rework station, but this doesn’t seem to work, after fixing it the car will not move to an export station. The same problem occurs when placing QA’s earlier in the production line. Is that on purpose?


i have tried it, it works for me. but it is really pointless to put QA in earlier stages. if you want to maintain 100% output defect free, i have put visual > performance > emission and then a smart junction. the defective cars goes through rework and then another smart junction. defective cars routes back to the rework station directly. and the non defect cars goes back to the visual inspection > performance > emission. only non defective cars out of emission > junction > goes to the next stage. the next stage can either be the export station, or, you can create another layer of visual > performance > emission > junction. and route the defective cars back to stage 1 same set of rework stations. this will lower the odds of defect escapees. but i am now using 3 layer of visual > performance > emission. and any defect will route them back to stage one. and i only see defect drop to 99.xx % very rarely.


A screenshot of your layout would be helpful to see if there is anything you have missed in the layout