Fixing DLC races' Target Painter turret icons

I’m not quite sure whether this should be in Gratuitous Modding sub-forum because it deals in editing .txt files, but I think this is where it should go, and as such I am placing it here. Sorry if it should be in Gratuitous Modding :-/

Anyways, for those of you who never noticed, the Tribe, Nomads, and Order all seem to be using the wrong target painter turret graphic on there hulls–

Tribe is using a federation beam laser module that is blue, Nomads are using the default target painter when they have there own personalized target painter, and the Order is using a Plasma launcher module instead of their own target painter for some reason.

I have no idea why these races are using such wrong graphics for those turrets. Surely I can’t be the only one who noticed this error in the game. This bugged my perfectionist side, and I eventually figured out how to fix it. The problem lies in in the race file (steam/steammaps/common/Gratuitous Space Battles/Tribe(or Order, Nomads respectively)/data/races or Gratuitous Space Battles/Tribe for those who did not install through Steam)

The way to fix this is to edit the line

turret_pd_v1 =,,10 turret_pd_v2 =,,10


turret_pd_v1 =,,22 turret_pd_v2 =,,23

In order to fix the Order’s target painter, you have to change the line in there race folder (steam/steammaps/common/Gratuitous Space Battles/Order/data/races or Gratuitous Space Battles/Order) from

turret_pd_v1 =,,24 turret_pd_v2 =,,25


turret_pd_v1 =,,25 turret_pd_v2 =,,26

And finally, to fix the Nomads problem, you have to change there race folder from

turret_pd_v1 =,,24 turret_pd_v2 =,,25


turret_pd_v1 =,,23 turret_pd_v2 =,,23

Also, please tell me if this works on your computers, it does on mine, but I want to be sure, and how do I hide parts of this as spoilers? I feel bad about the wall of text…

You might want to list the files to be modified, rather than just the place in which you can find the files.

Are you sure, though, that this line:

is correct? It looks like this should give the turret sprite of tractor_turret_v1 to turret_pd_v2.

And no, I hadn’t noticed before (that I can recall, anyways), but I usually don’t use target painters or I put them on fighters. I tend to prefer beam and bolt lasers to missiles.

I might have gotten the Order turrets mixed up, two of them look aweful alike :frowning: sorry about that. I thought I got it right, but I may have been wrong.

EDIT: I went through the program files, and I think I did it right. What do you think it should have been changed to instead?

I don’t know since I haven’t looked, but I thought it odd that the tractor beam turret icon and the PD turret icon would get the same number, since that (I think) refers to the spot in the file where they pull the turret sprite from, and the tractor beam and target painter icons don’t look the same in the ship design screen.

Yah it is odd, especially when one considers the the .dds file marked as 26 is a target painter like image, but in game is the 27 module, the tractor beam. I have no idea how it works, but it does, so I’m not gonna change it.