Fixing the restaurant crash bug

Ok I am determined to fix this. it seems like a small number of players have the game crash when they go to an expensive restaurant. I cannot reproduce this on my PC’s, so I need some help from anyone who can get it to crash. It should be quick and easy.

Download this and run it: (this only works on FULL copies of the game) … ntTest.exe

That installs a new ‘exe’ file in the games kudos 2 folder. So instead of running Kudos2.exe to run the game, you now run RestaurantTest.exe. (your existing game will be unaffected).
This new version writes a lot more debug information. It also has been hacked so you can ALWAYS get into any restaurant you like, so feel free to keep going to the expensive ones.
If it crashes, do not run the game again, but email the files in the games ‘debugdata’ folder to
I might be able to narrow down how this is happening then. To anyone who takes the time to give this a try, I really appreciate it. I hate bugs as much as you do!

Where is “debugdata” folder? I am pretty clueless about this stuff sorry =(

It’s supposed to be in the main Kudos 2 directory, but I don’t have one in my installation. Cliffsky told me to just go ahead and create one in he main Kudos 2 directory, and that the game should write to it.

I can’t seem to install the actual patch; the files are in the directory but can’t execute ‘posipatch’, keep getting informed ‘CRC failed: patching process has failed’ window then ‘Kudos 2 patcher: patch failed’ window - Any suggestions?

I actually have debugdata folder in my directory, would you just prefer me to send the contents after I crash the game?

It’s ok. I’ve fixed it :smiley: I’m posting about the patch now…

I’m getting the same error message when I try to install the patch too, what do I do?

make sure you don;t already have the latest version. You ONLY need the patch if you bought the game before it was released. Full versions you buy are already patched.
If that’s still not it, you can re-download the game entirely and it’s definitely the latest version then. (just use the link in your original purchase email)

I have version 1.03. If that is the latest version, then why am I getting the restaurant crash?

The latest patch is now 1.05, so try installing that one and see if the bug persists.

Thanks, I’ve got the patch now. My character doesn’t have the money to get into a expensive restaurant, so I’ll just have to hope it works when she does.