Flow rate of ingredients

I know that this was probably a very deliberate game mechanism, but does anyone think it might be good if you could customise the flow rate of ingredients? IE instead of 1 spiny goop crystal, you get 2 per tick? that way you can make a more intensive production flow instead of being limited by the number of source ports.
I know this game is super heavy on the ‘placement puzzle’ of trading space for cost. You basically have the choice to use 10 of one type of machine and organise them so they fit properly, or use 2 that cost more. To me this is interesting but it does turn the game from an economic/business game to a tetris like ‘make the blocks fit’ type of game.

*Or make an upgrade so you can get 2x the materials at a port.

Anyway, I enjoy the game so far, keep up the good work!

Personally, I’d be more interested in the ability to expand your buildings even more (for a very hefty cost, mind you) x3

I find that the number of ports/ingredients isn’t really an issue for me. Late game it’s space that’s the biggest problem, especially when trying to make uber cures (say, a drug that cures Alzheimer’s, Cancer and HIV at the same time) that are produced as close to 1 a day as possible. Those lines are VERY hard to fit into even the biggest buildings, and it seems entirely possible to be screwed by RNG on where your catalysts spawn. Being able to expand buildings by constructing additional room would make this less of an issue, and make the player able to compete with the AI in late-late game, who don’t seem to deal with space constrictions.

I like how youre always short of space, but I dislike being forced to build huge level 1 building chains or pay additional costs for the better buildings. It feels to me like ‘artificial difficulty’ IE I’m not using my brain im simply having to click 30 times to have an additional 20% or so income from a production chain. Maybe this type of game just isnt for me but I dont like being punished for meta things like ‘making the game less tedious’ if that makes sense.

I do feel like this is me complaining about how the game is designed(unfairly), which makes me think this is just a game I should play very sparingly when I can stomach the spam!

Even without using low-tier machines to save cost, you have to spend a lot of space to make high level drugs. Take a look at this production line I made: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=11634

I pretty much filled up an entire large warehouse with a single production line, and if I had more space I could have upgraded it some more. Unless you’re making low-tier drugs, ports are usually not an issue (especially now that crossroads are a thing). With crossroads, that entire production line would only take 4 ports. (3 ingredients, 1 output).