Reoccuring error.

First video shows the game running, and when it ‘ends’ is because the game crashed.
Second video shows me turning off all video options and playing the game on on mimimum video settings, and the same crash occurs.

Error that ends the program:

For these videos, I set game time to 4x, but the bug is reproduceable regardless of in game speed setting.

If you require additional information such as my computer specs/ship design and weapons/et cetera let me know.
Hope this helps.

This crash is sound-engine related. I’ll be spending most of tomorrow looking for a solution to this. Many players have found turning master volume to zero works as a temporary workaround for now.

It’s sound related, there’s another thread on the issue. If you post your DXDiag related to sound that might be helpful.

Indeed it is, as seen in another thread:

Make a sticky telling people to temporarily turn off all sound should cut down on bug reports then eh? lol :wink: