Folders for various army configurations?

Okay I realize this might be a weird request but… is there a way we could organize our units into different folders/subheadings/armies/whateveryouwanttocallit?

See, I love making units - I was obsessed with it in GSB and GTB seems to have the same effect on me… unfortunately that means I make large numbers of units and that can get err… unwieldy. In GSB it wasn’t as much of a problem - you had units split across several factions so even if you designed hundreds of units, they’d be split up a bit. GSB also didn’t require any action from you during the battle, so you could just take your time setting things up.

GTB requires a lot more work from the player though, and that means having a large list of possible units to deploy can be very unwieldy. So I was wondering if eventually it would be possible to split up groups of units under different headings so I either can’t access certain sets during a battle or at least can flip through various headings quickly to get to what I’m after.

Here’s an example in case the above isn’t quite clear:

Say I build 50 units - right now all 50 are going to appear on the bar at the bottom of the screen, which means I have to scroll the bar a lot and mentally remember the position/look of each unit. If I use the same visual scheme for my entire army (because I want it to look nice on the field), then it becomes a bit slow to find exactly what I’m wanting to deploy when I need to.

The suggestion would allow me to say… split it up into 4 different folders, each with a much more managable 12 units apiece. What you named the folders and why you split them up could be for all kinds of reasons - for some you might say… put breakthrough tanks in one folder, mechs in another, infantry in a third, etc… For me, being kind of weird, I’d probably split my folders up by who’s army I’m pretending to field (Ex: US, UK, German, etc…)

Regardless, it’s a feature I think would be nice to have. Not strictly necessary, but… well yeah, nice. < . .>

Yes quite a few people have raised the same issue. There definitely needs to be a system to allow you to organise your designs better, and I will certainly be addressing it before release. Right now my priority is crash bugs and some easy fixes (typos etc), and then this is top of the list of actual gameplay-improving changes that need making.

Most excellent! New to the forums here, sorry I didn’t see that mentioned elsewhere >_< Keep up the good work! o7

maybe we could have different “battalions”, arsenals organised into specialized roles as folders and we can choose to assign one battalion into a given battle

(the roleplayer in me would thank you if this happens.)

The battalion idea is actually quite nice, encourage people to examine the map layout a bit beforehand to see which kind of force would be best. I’d also like it if you implemented a subfolder system for the unit designs for that case, since as of right now I find it easier to remove units by simply deleting the files (actually, moving them to an “obsolete” folder created for the purpose, but yea.)