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its a Centurion cruiser,not extremely accurate but close enough :stuck_out_tongue:

you… you are jwa8402??? LOL, I would never see coming that xD

Man that replica is, almost, perfect. GREAT WORK!
Im the old fan Praetors, AKA, Bentusi and now Altahir, now everyone is wondering why I’ve been changed many times my account, why? I’ll just say that in that forum some, let’s call, senior users, have a bad character and sense of humor…
My best post is:
HOMEWORLD: Galaxy At War
If u can (all of u) look all the pages of my post, there are some EPIC ships there!!
Not going to tell you wich are them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also posted a entire universe of small ships, more playable, but someone deleted it!
i called it “Canmus Galactic Conflict” with races like:

Bersek Raiders: An ugly green race with organical green ships like with claws. Plasma based weapons.
Eon Unity: A religious race like the Unity from Sins of a Solar Empire. Blue ships with heavy frontal-lateral plasma shields, with big energy containers and beam weaponry.
Eon Unity Rebels: This Eon not-believers are the same than before, but with light-blue and gray ships, focuced on light shielding and HEAVY armour.
Interdimensional Aliens: The unknown hostile race with unknown objetives and rare to see, very very very dangerous, violet almost indestructible small ships with the firepower of Super-Battlecruisers, Lifeform not knowed.
Mercenary Corporation: Small red ships with canons everywere, fragile but powerfull and fast race.
Pirate Clans: Obviously, there are pirates, black and red ships, heacy armoured but not so powerfull weapons.
Allied Nations Of Earth: Of Course, Terrans form earth!, simply evolve, and inadvertently, we get into a galactic war, with races of high technology and low probabilities to survive on one planet, we decided to enter the war, allied with the Eon unity, and get more planets. With further investigations, the terrans discover they origins, from were? The Eon unity, a race conformed in majority of beatiful girls, like amazons, as supreme commanders, soldiers gunners, etc… and the mans? they just are the fighter pilots…
Oh and the ships are like BIG sea ships, like the yamato, but huge and with the gray colouring of the metal with some blue paintings. Fragile, but huge ships with artillery canons everywere, main weapon, created by the Eon’s and addapted to the terran tech, Super-Big Beam Lasers, only we can use it because our ships are large enough to carry them… :smiley:

Images pending… sorry
[size=85]EDIT: if some Homeworld fan or Canmus GC curious want to test the ships, pm me, i can upload them with the game, just one warning, normally the BSF game just have 50Mb, the mine, like 200 Mb… If u want just images, pm me and i will make a bsf fan post with them ooor i will post them here, if i have the aproval of thunderbird[/size]
Sorry for go a little off-topic in your post, i couldn’t resist… xD

no,im not… i just ventured on BSF forums after like a year and found it by complete accident :stuck_out_tongue:
lol thats what i get for making a thread for a change… a wall of text… :smiley:

but yeah sure,i dont mind my threads getting hijacked if its worth it,go right ahead and post :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the pictures are here:

Mercenary corps pending…

and? what do you think people? what about the homeworld ships?