For Horse Lovers

In cowboy, “Howdy, ya’ll!”

I’m new here on the boards, and wondering if anybody is interested in a full line of mods that revolve around horses? Since I own horses, work with them and ride, I got a little inventive after reading these boards and doing a little investigation. I came up with new assets (horse and riding tack - I went western but you can easily go english), new solo activities (working with your horse, riding), new social events (trail ride), romantic events (double ride to picnic), new jobs (stable hand, riding instructor, ground trainer, full horse trainer, advanced riding instructor), new classes (western riding, basic ground work, advanced training, obstacle jumping), a new interest (animals) and new “skill” (horse sense). I’m still working on the “perfect” values for these jobs (stress, tiredness, etc.) in an attempt to make them as realistic as possible. It gets a little complicated from time to time, but it’s certainly do-able.

The horse has a rather expensive initial cost (which I still lowered because you only have 10 years, after all), but if you can get him, he certainly comes in handy when you need a cheap activity.

It’s an idea for anybody who’s into horses at all.

One question, however - I bought my version of Kudos from a third party game site - while it was no problem to add the horse picture and a wav file to create a new item in the pet store under “shopping,” I can’t rename my equine, and I can’t seem to get the food issue to work like with the dog, cat, and fish food. Is being able to rename the horse something I simply can’t modify?

I did find another way around the food issue, however - I assigned a daily cost value to the horse. If you run out of daily income and can’t feed him, he’s gone like the house cleaning service. This works well, actually, because in reality if you have a stalled horse and can’t pay up on time, the boarding stables around here will own your horse in pretty short order. (You must board your horse in the game because you live IN TOWN, after all.) This way you’re daily cost covers the boarding, hay, grain, etc. wink

Anyway, thanks in advance for any answers on the renaming issue.

Owning a horse is a great idea, and to be honest something I should have thought of when adding animals to the game…

I would LOVE to add all that to my game! Any chance you’d want to send it to me?

That all sounds really good! Would you be able to send me it?

I think more than your approval, he wanted your help getting his mod to work xD

Indeed, I’m just snowed under with stuff right now. As i recall, the renaming of pets is something that is not possible to mod in Kudos :frowning: I will ensure it is possible in the sequel though.