For Mac Users

I did some little modding here and there, little things really. If those interests you just grab the files.

I simply made those mac compatible, credits goes to cliffski for their creation.
To the original ones are added: newbryn, rocker, menugirl, 2007girl, frizzy, ashley & stacy.

Here is the link for the avy folder

How to

  • Make a backup of the original game (always!)
  • Right click the game icon and select “Show Package Contents”
  • Go to Contents/Resources/data/bitmaps/ then simply switch the downloaded avatars folder with the one already inside

yeah… lol, with this you get right away french, italian, kung fu & kick-boxing (no more attacks), golf, chess, meditation, media studies.

You also have 100% of happiness, confidence, fitness, health, muscles <3
As for what I can see till now, they dont even ever lower!
For better beginning effect, max from the start IQ and culture.

Should you wish not to have any of those, simply open the cheats.txt file and delete the appropriate entry.

Here is the link for the cheat file

How to

  • An original empty cheat file already exists in the game so should you not want it simply delete it’s content and save.
  • Right click the game icon and select “Show Package Contents”
  • Go to Contents/Resources/data/ switch the empty Cheats.txt file with the downloaded one

Starting Cash
You may also increase the amount of money you begin with by opening the file in the same data folder named “Config.txt” and edit the first line “starting cash”. It originaly equals 64.00, make it what you wish!

Try not to begin being a millionaire for the the game is just not as fun :wink:


Opening and editing those files in Exel made so that the game would show error windows when then turning on the game which kept crashing.

To make the changes work, open/edit those files using TextEdit