For those who are playing my challenges...

The ones under the name “Hexes”…

Please post your fleet that beats mine! Those fleets I posted were my deployments against Mr. Blitz’s Tribe deployments.

Mr. Blitz and I have been having a jolly old time trading tactical ideas via challenges, and it would be fun to have others do the same with us! Between the two of us we are sort of working out the rules of thumb as to how the Rebels deal with the Tribe and how the Tribe deals with heavy Rebel cruiser fleets.

So again, if you beat a fleet of mine in a challenge, please post your deployment via a challenge!!!

There is a whole special section of the forum for this sort of talk. Amazing that you missed it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive found blitz’s challanges to be much harder than yours, sorry to say. Didnt feel much like posting a counter challange.

Mine were a counter to his and really in resonse to the “overpowered Tribe” issue. I don’t find them overpowered, at least in fleet actions.

The simplest way to beat those that I posted would be to count the number of 3 engined cruisers, assume they are all AA defense cruisers and spam roughly 3x as many fighter squadrons as I have AA cruisers.

No real trick there!

Regarding this being the wrong forum, a mod move would be appreciated!

I played that 100,000 point response, and through a dodgy setup, managed to approach your fleet in a sort of single or dual-file. I’ve never seen so many beam weapons impacting single ships!

After a couple of setups/attempts, it became clear that missile ships out on your periphery could defeat the cruiser blob.

As it turns out, I’d lost the ‘keep moving’ orders by experimenting with ‘formation.’ Once the battle was launched, my missile ships moved up, then sat in their own blob, out on your edge, whilst the laser fighters smoked fairly well everything.

The impressions gleaned from the whole thing were, that the Rebels need more speed. I like ships that move at a decent clip. Massed beams are amazing. Rocket fighters are going to be more effective in general against Tribal Cruisers, than those of the other races. Of course, if the Tribe players put a yellow shield generator on their cruisers, rocket fighters are obviated; at least until shields are down. As you alluded to, massed laser fighters are murder on fairly well all cruisers.

One thing I did not attempt, was loading up on cruiser lasers and doing a massed rush of your position.

edit: Obviously, rocket and beam ships were dispatched with extreme prejudice by that cruiser mass of yours.

Interesting. Mainly did challenge 18 and it’s response. Seems very vulnerable to fast crusiers.