Foreign Policy Diatribe

I’ve been eager to hear talk of supernational unionisation enter this game as it did in several mods with 3. My DNA screams to max the shit out of an EU policy, or start up a North American Union.

I’d also like to mention how the current build seems to make Foreign Relations very easy to max, even from the early game, which International Trade never quite crests the 60% mark. The Africa expansion did a little more for this, which I hoped would return, some mods also altered some foreign policies to affect trade or tourism more. Diplomatic service especially rarely compels me, as it only affects relations.

Any plans to go over that stuff?

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Foreign Policy maxed out is certainly an issue, as is democracy maxed out, both are ridiculously easy, yes. But what are your thoughts about the event “regional union”? I imagine that the workload would be very high if Cliff had to design icons for every regional union.

The event is a fine consolation in the absence of actual policies. Perhaps these kinds of policies are being developed and held back to either headline or accompany an expansion following the game’s actual release.

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Yes, that certainly could be, I wonder what DLC D4 will have?

I think:

Climate apocalypse
Space colonisation
War / continental unification
and cyberpunk transhuman tech revolution

I would want to see one expanding democratic socialism, but I think these areas intersect the devs interests with the kind of thing that the community has been pervasively fascinated with.

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  1. I don’t know if Cliff thinks that climate change will cause an apocalypse.
  2. This is something that Cliff would certainly be interested in.
  3. I don’t know if war could work with D4 mechanics. As for continental union, I guess it could be a thing, but a whole dlc by itself?
  4. Hmmmm…I mean D4 is pretty techno already, what other cyberpunk stuff could there be? Robotic augmentations? That could be a policy suggestion.

Democratic Socialism, I don’t know if it would be compatible with Cliff’s Liberal Capitalist Game, but who knows? There are plenty of socialistic policies present in game and in the works.