Foreign Relations broken in new patch?

I think foreign relations may have gotten damaged in the new patch.

Before the patch, there were several factors that appeared in the influences column of foreign relations and some that appeared in effects column. Now these factors have all been switched around and don’t make sense.

CO2 emmisions: used to be in the influences column of foreign relations–simulating bad relations with other countries because of your nations pollution. Now CO2 emmission appear in the EFFECTS column, which means your nation’s CO2 emmisions are actually decreased BECAUSE you are getting along with other nations, which makes no sense.

TERRORISM: Terrorism used to be in the EFFECTS column of FOREIGN RELATIONS–meaning that if you have horrible relations with other nations, foreign terrorists are more likely attack. Now since the patch, TERRORISM appears in the influences column, which means that now the level of terrorism is what effects you relationship with other nations, rather than the other way around as it should be.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE–this used to be in the EFFECTS column of FOREIGN RELATIONS–simulating more trade with nations you get along with. Since Patch, TRADE is in the influences column, so rather than trade being affected by your relationship with other nations, trade itself is what determines your relations with other nations.

I may have discovered another similar situation with RACIAL TENSION. I just took a quick look at it, but it appears that some of the influencing and affecting factors have gotten switched around there too, much like Foriegn Realations. For example, I beleive VIOLENT CRIME used to be caused by Racial Tension, but now it is increased by it. There are other odd ones too.

Will somebody take a look at these and make sure Im not mistaken or something?

You are absolutely right. Although the new version is fine, the patch didn’t replace all the files. I’ve updated the patch now, but to solve your situation, you just need to save this file into democracy2\data\simulation and overwrite the existing one. (save it rather than opening it)

Well spotted, and thanks for letting me know. My apologies.

No need to apologize. I bought the game about a week ago, since then I have reported four bugs and shockingly, all of them have been corrected within one day. I really enjoy this game and only spotted these issues because I am so fascinated with it that I pay very close attention to cause and effect. If something seems odd, I check it out in the very easy to understand text files (so easy I could have corrected it myself but have no need because you have corrected them so promptly yourself.)

I also bought Kudos recently and am enjoying it as well.