Formation, Escort, Keep Moving

Of course we all want more (fancy) orders, but I would be rather happy if I could have some more orders that already exist.

Currently, Formation, Escort and Keep Moving orders are exclusive and cannot be added to the same ship. I would find it much more interesting if we could add them all, and they had a very simple priority system:

Formation beats Escort beats Keep Moving.

Essentially, this is already in place (Formation beats the distance of “attack X” orders). It would allow me to have faster frigates break off from my main force (and Keep Moving) after their Formation target was destroyed and not become sitting ducks that do not use their engines, despite having a speed of 0.5 or bigger. It essentially gives us a work-around to the common “frigates charge ahead and get instantly massacred” problem while avoiding the “frigates have no defenses and hate moving” problem.

Can I haz pleaz?

Escort and Keep Moving are entirely compatible orders, even: just keep moving within distance X of the main ship, turning back if necessary.

Fishbreath, have you ever put those orders on the same ship?

I’d bet you haven’t.

Because you can’t.

He’s saying they are logically compatible.

Fighters effectively maintain a “keep moving” order during escort duty now. It’s not unreasonable to want to extend that to other units, mainly frigates.