Formation problem

1 If a ship is put in formation in formation with itself, it will not move. It will just spin. Furthermore, ships tasked in formation with this ship will also spin. Not sure if this is a valid suggestion, but keeping the spinning could be really good, but make the other ships tasked to it in the formation order circle around it. Like a record, rather than a # of independent spinning tops. Also, if you task a ship in the rear row to be the leader of the formation, nothing moves.

2 Formation should be called tugboat…??? I attempted to create a straight line formation. What occurred was that the ‘ship tasked to lead the formation’ (STTLTF) pulled ahead and then dragged the other ships slightly out of formation. I found several ways around this, but it is not formation. I don’t know how hard this would be to fix, but if it does, two things that should be fixed are:

(1) How formations pivot. The STTLTF should stop and other ships should rotate around it.

(2) Ships should actually stay in formation. That one ship taking point completely destroyed my fleet.