Former Trello Items Not Included

The following are Trello items formerly listed and not implemented:

  1. More Gender Policies (Policies)
  2. Worker’s Cooperatives (Situation)
  3. Voter Elasticity (Balance)
  4. “OK Boomer”, Maximize Wealth Inequality (Achievement/Design Ideas)

Feel free to add others which have remained unimplemented.

  1. Ban Strikes Policy
  2. Deport Immigrants Policy
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  1. Militarized Police (Policies)
  1. Grid Failure Event due to climate change/storms (mitigated by mandatory microgeneration and microgeneration grants). (Event).
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I can think of additional, terrorism / hostile foreign State events for which a highly redundant, microgeneration energy system would be more resilient.

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That’s good, what do you have in mind?

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