Forum Bug!

For some reason my forum about Gratuitous Space Battles was deleted! I think this is a very horrible bug which need to be address as soon as possibly can. Anyway, I basically talked about how much I love this Gratuitous Space Battles game: a gratuitous amount.

I will forum up what I said again following, so that I can maybe get into the beter version of the game. There was a spelling mistake so I corrected that too.

Hey guys! I’m just here to say how gratuitous I am feeling about Gratuitous Space Battles! I think the best thing about Gratuitous Space Battles, is that there are gratuitous amounts of Gratuitous Space Battles! Gratuitous Space Battles also has a gratuitously incredible name which i just love saying over and over and also I cannot wait to see more videos about Gratuitous Space Battles. I want to get into the beta of Gratuitous Space Battles, but I am too poor to order Gratuitous Space Battles unfortunately. If there is any other way to get a Gratuitous Space Battles beta I would like to know about it, as I have gratuitous amounts of excitement for Gratuitous Space Battles. Anyway, I have talked gratuitously about Gratuitous Space Battles for a gratuitous amount of time, so I think I will stop now. I hope everyone has a gratuitously spectacular day, and long live Gratuitous Space Battles!

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over all the exploding spaceships. I believe you were saying something about Gratuitous Space Battles.

What exploding spaceships? How can you not hear it when it is written words?

Cliffski isn’t planning on releasing a demo until the final version is built. Until then, the beta is sort of a bonus for those who preorder. If you can scrounge up $20 (that’s dinner for two at McDonalds), we can all happily say that it’s worth buying.

Note: Seriously, your post sounds like somebody begging for a pirated copy. Maybe that’s why the original was removed. I hope that’s not the case, because you won’t see any help from us.

You have enough money to rent an Internet connection, but do not have 20 USD for a game that you like very much?

Although Jesus Christ had no problem with copying the fish and the bread, thus harming the local market economy; And although you are not stealing anything by magnetically reconfiguring your hard drive to match the magnetic configuration of a distant storage device; And although it is thus ok to commit copyright theft in Christian/Biblical terms; Copying games and not paying for them will cause damage to the computer games industry.

‘Like the game? Buy it!’ - That’s the sort of thing it says at the bottom of those .nfo files that come with game cracks and pirate downloads.

We can’t hear you as sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum, so there’s nothing to hear…or so I’ve been told, by txt lol.

Even with a shite exchange rate, pre-ordering the game is not such a stretch if you put your mind to it…

What is this pirated copy? I thought this Gratuitous Space Battles game was about Gratuitous Space Battles not gratuitous pirate ship battles! I am not looking for this pirate battle game, I was wonder how to obtain the better of Gratuitous Space Battles the game.

Thanksyou for your time.

Sorry, am I missing something or just going senile in my old age…the game is in Beta…pre-order it and help make it better, or don’t and wait until its released to Retail and buy the final version.

Or, are you asking for advice on playing it better?

No , I am interested in playing the better of this game Gratuitous Space Battles. It may be the “beta” of Gratuitous Space Battles that you speak of but I am not sure. I just want to play the test version of Gratuitous Space Battles if you know what i mean. I have spent a gratuitous amount of time looking on how to download and get into the better ( i am not interested in the pirate game, I am interested in Gratuitous Space Battles) but cannot find anything.

OK, I think I am getting the gist of what your saying…

The game, GSB Beta, is only available currently for download via Positech Games (cliffski) or Impulse, after paying for it. So, Pre-order the game and get a Link to the Download from Cliffski, or Pre-Order it via Impulse and then Impulse will allow you to Install it to your PC.

Hope this answers your question; rather than just confusing the hell of things.

Ah, yes, the “beta” is the test version of the game. By “pirate”, we were referring to people who try to get the game for free instead of paying for it. It seems you aren’t a pirate, you just have some difficulty speaking English. :slight_smile:

In order to get the “beta” test version, you need to purchase the game from … ister.html. This is a “preorder”: you are paying for, and will eventually receive, the full game. Access to the test version is a bonus for preordering. When you buy it, you will receive an email with instructions for downloading the beta test version.

Thanksyou for your answers. Yes, here in Austria everyone is talking about the Gratuitous Space Battles game, and how much gratuitous fun it will provide. I will make sure to look for any money I can find so I can obtain the beta game. (I think you misspelled it “better” but okay)