Forum Request

Someone knows if this forum can use spoilers?
Im really needing them…
If not, please please please, enable them…
Thx for your atention.

How about this for an idea ?
Its not perfect but it works . . kinda

Warning - Spoiler Ahead
<<Scroll down if you wish to know the secret>>

Last Chance - Are you sure ?
<<Keep Scrolling>>

I am not kidding you know . .
<<Keeep Scrollling>>

Ok - Last Chance
<<Keeeeeep Scrolling>>

Ok, you were warned - and now for the spoiler
<<Scroll down for the spoiler>>

Umm, i forgot wat the Spoiler was :S

Although i have a Question: What is there to Spoil in GSB ??

i have to agree with darkstar,alltho i feel compelled to state that the big box is incredibly annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah - i agree but i cant change the size of the box . .

Second attempt - How about this.

Spoiler Alert: Copy and paste into Notepad to decode the secret message

[size=1]The Secret to destroying unity ships is by getting in close and fighting toe to toe[/size]<<

However, this does not work for some browsers (forget which one it was). The problem was, It displayed the text at the same size and ignored the change in font size . .

IT didn’t work in opera 10.63