Forum Suggestion: Upgrade the post count ranks

If I can get the number of posts I have in such short notice, I would suspect we really need to add either more or upgrade the needs to reach a higher ranking.

Someone’s got his twitchy little eye on my Admiralty…

Precisely. I have known sites with THOUSANDS of posts per person.

What does it have to do in the GSB suggestions forum ?

He’s a GSB player. It’s a suggestion for GSB’s only official forum. Seems apt to me.
Where would you have had him put it?

I would PRESENTLY upscale it to need 300 posts to achieve, adjusting the others as well in that matter.

you`re just jealous


but otherwise… yeah,i guess i agree


The rankings are cutesy and fun, but functionally irrelevant to me. The utility, degree of insight & factual helpfulness of a forum member’s postings is vastly more important here than the total number of posts they’ve personally made. I don’t see how debating whether we can have additional milestones such as Intrepid Marine Major, Absent-Minded Weapons Researcher or Relatively Awesome Commodore Who Still Lacks Admiral’s Insignia will add to the intrinsic quality of the communications posted on these forums. Just my $0.02, of course. :wink:

heh heh heh, he said “commodore”

Notwithstanding, I agree with the Archduke and Admiral: titles based on counts of forum posts mean nearly nothing to me compared to the content of that username’s posts. I might consider the date of joining the forum more highly.

Also, by dint of reply to this thread, my_postcount++

The ranking disparity and thereabouts is by far too big for my standards. 150, admiral, compared to the highest figures is simply appaling at best in terms of posting count.

Actually admiral is way below 150. Now, as I said earlier, I think this subforum is for suggestions concerning the game, not the positech forum.

well… there is NO place for that on the forums as I see it. There should be.

Probably because you should be busy playing the game rather than complaining on the forum :smiley:

I dont complain. I state.

Just let this die. Its clear I am the only one that thinks its an issue anyhow. Perhaps much later you will think otherwise.