Found a typo in the Tutorial

I was going through Scenario 7 of the Tutorial when I noticed a typo. In there, it says “This is the concentration at which a cure is most likely to be effective and a side-effect is most likely to occur.” That should be "a side-effect is least likely to occur, correct?

Actually the max strength concentration of a side-effect is the concentration that a side-effect is most likely to occur. Basically you want to be as close as possible to the max strength of your cures but as far away as possible from the max strength of your side-effects (or avoid them completely if possible).

Make sense?

Yeah. Basically my confusion was that each concentration is applicable to each effect on a drug/ingredient individually. So regardless of whether it is a Cure or Side Effect, that point is when that one effect is most potent.

I’ve found a few times where I’ve been totally misunderstanding how something works until I’ve done it wrong a couple times and then stopped and slowly went through.

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion!

Ah, fair enough. I’ll have a read through and see if I can make things more clear. :slight_smile: