Free Advertising Opportunity for GSB

I just noticed on my favourite game patches site ‘’, that the Direct2Drive 1.37 patch for GSB has appeared.

If all the GSB patches were routinely pushed out to various gaming sites, then visitors will see a new patch for this game they have never heard of called ‘Gratuitous Space Battles’.

“Hmm… GSB V1.38, what’s this? I remember a patch came out for that game a few days ago… I wonder what it is…”
Searches on Internet
“Oh, that looks interesting!”
Plays demo
Pirates Game
Wants to send/receive challenges
Buys Game

Good for sales. Good for existing owners. Free advertising.

maybe you should take out “Pirates game” from the list. I had a weird way of knowing this game’s existence

I was searching for a walkthrough to a space game, and I saw a vid of this game, and I was like, “Holy shit, that looks awesome!” so I read about it, went to the website, and wasted no time in buying it. I’m glad I stumbled upon it :slight_smile: