Free Build - Research Items

On Free Build Scenario, where we can play with/test out essentially unlimited resources, why are the following unlocked but not “enabled”

Advanced Construction Techniques
Planning Permission

I’m guessing that they just deal w/ costs (the 1st 3 anyway, not sure i correctly understood the 4th) and w/ unlimited budget it doesn’t matter.
Is that correct?

I can still hire all the scientists I want and enable them, but curious why it was done this way.

It’s sort of explained in his video blog here

Yep. These projects just reduce costs so I thought I’d leave them out, you have unlimited money anyway. It’s a massive edge case, but someone might want to try building a production line and then check how much it cost in total by checking their cashflow on the company tab. I didn’t want to disrupt the numbers by applying the various discounts that these research projects bestow.