Free copies for politicians??? Free copy for Policy Wonks!

I liked your idea of “free copies for politicians”… However, if I were you, I’d target policy people instead…

For example, I am Director of Government Affairs for a health care company in the United States and would be interested in your simulation. I work directly with a number state and federal elected officials on health care issues that impact Medicare and other patients. I also work with a number of health care agencies in the United States. I remember a simulation back in the day called Sim Health was a great concept!

As much as the goal would be to get politicians interested, the policy people around our elected officials play a very important role that is being overlooked if you only target a politician.

Just my two cents… I’m reviewing your simulation now to see if I might get it. I’m definitely interested in your simulation, but don’t typically buy games or simulations any more since I never have as much time to play them as I wish…

Free copies for politicians? You are definitely kidding, right?
Free copies to schools are OK, colleges is fine, even law schools, but to politicians?
Do you want your Game to be banned?
This game does not have the following features to be used by politicians:

  1. No lobbyists or funding options
  2. No switching parties
  3. No way to avoid keeping election promises and still win.
  4. No short-term memory of voters.
  5. No negative campaigning policies.
    You are depicting an ideal Utopia with Voters wise and awakened.
    Like hell any politician wants that!
    You and your ideal game will be the end of many a politicians’ career.
    Your game will be banned for subverting the Republic plus you get a free one-way ticket to courtroom.