Free Copies For Politicians

Video game developers save global economy, Usher in age of politician gamers

The world is facing a recession, instability in the middle east, the continued threat of runaway climate change, peak-oil, overpopulation and the ongoing war on terror. Clearly, such drastic times cause for drastic solutions. Clearly the solution is computer games.

UK PC developer Positech Games have identified the cause of most political failures in the modern world - Inexperience. Politicians are clearly unqualified for the job. There are no ‘practice’ countries for would-be presidents to try out their policies on. Or are there?
In a selfless bid to solve the worlds political problems, UK game developer Positech Games are giving away free copies of their ‘government simulation’ game ‘Democracy 2’ to every elected politician on Earth.
The world has had a long, and disastrous flirtation with inexperienced politicians flailing around with control of the economy like gamers fumbling through a pre-game tutorial. The world needs experienced political strategists, people who have solved the debt problems of the fictional country of Malaganga, and calmed the religious tensions of Biblonia. The age of amateurs is over,
This is an open invitation for any elected politician, anywhere in the world to contact Positech Games for their free copy of this political strategy game. Full details on how to apply can be found at
Positech will happily keep the identities of the politicians a secret on request, but this is also an opportunity for statesmen and women to admit to the ever-growing and widening games playing demographic that they too enjoy playing games.
The age of amateurs is over. Bring on the age of the gaming politicians.

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I’m 16 and found the game very educational. However, I don’t (want to) think that many politicians can learn much from it! Even the most corrupt politicians, who bought themselves the election, know how to manage lots of money and stay in power(I’ll admit that if only you had given Bush this, we might not be where we are).

Good idea!

However : are politicions honest enough to recognise that they aren’t god? Are they computer literate enough to download and install such a complicated thing as a game? and finally can they read a forum thread? ;> )

It needs non-politicians to really save the world!

Sadly it seems very few politicians are interested :(, still it was worth a try!

Awesome idea, and PR stunt, I must say! :smiley:

I see myself as a non-professional politician, being a member of a youth party.
In fact, I am running for local elections this year, in Denmark. Would that qualify me for receiving this game for free? In that case, it’s a shame I already bought it. (:

I already bought it” immediately disqualifies you. No politician pays for anything, that’s what his constituents are for (cash-cow)

good try though!

Wait, very few or none? Have you given any free copies? =P

Yes, about half a dozen, I must find time to do a proper list of them for that page later today.

I’m not quite sure you appreciate how many politicians there are out there :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve myself ran for office twise. the big guys (Presidents, Senators) will never have time to play, but the little guys (City Councilors, Reeves) may - then again those people tend not to go far.

Hahah, good one. (:
Wait, you are pulling my leg, right?

No. Any way it’s impossible to ‘pull the leg’ of a politician, the sense of humour is surgically removed. :wink:

As much as I like this game and its educational content, I believe there is a somewhat strong ideological bias (which I adhere to, by the way) I doubt most of them would approve of, sadly. Besides, it’s quite the distance between the logical, systemic game mechanisms (Investment in education and research is proportional to GDP growth and productivity, increase in military and intelligence services spending provides additional safety for the country…) and actions and their consequences in real life.