Free Hosting for Mods

Hi everyone. I have tons of disk space and pay for insane bandwidth, and my servers pretty much up 100%, so if any of you keen modders want free, permanent hosting for your mods can you do this:
email me at cliff At with a link to your mod file.
That way, I can stay organised, I’ll then reply with a link to the hosted file, and you can edit any existing posts if you like to point to the mod. That way we have no danger of a time-out on mediafire links etc.
Or if you prefer, you can just post a reply to this, but I tend to be more on top of email than posts here!

THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

takes a deep breath

I’ll email you all my files in a minute, is there a chance you could make a ‘mod’ secotion on the website, with all of our mods, sorted by author, type (tax, foreign policy, etc)

PS: My email is riley_metcalfe AT, so you don’t pass it off as spam.

Here is the current mod list:

Hi Cliff,

Thanks for adding my mods to that list and uploading them to your server. Would it be a good idea if there was a short description of what the mods did, or at least perhaps put them in sections depending on what kind of mod they were, as the names are the zip files may not be very helpful to people who did not know what they were (obviously there are readmes in them explaining what they do, but people have to download them to read them).

Just sent you through an email.

Thanks again.

-I forgot to include in the email that my ‘Interest Rates’ mod only works when my ‘Inflation’ mod is installed.

Could you please make a note of that.


I notice that you have created a heading on the mods page “countries ported from Democracy 1”. Most of the countries I sent you (France, Canada, Germany, Italy, and USA are also ports from Democracy 1, so are probably best under this heading. The UK mission file I sent you is basically a port from Democracy 1, although I’m not sure that the policies in it are exactly the same, as I ported it from my Democracy 1 installation and I think I had previously made a few tweaks to it. The UKNew and Poland missions are “improved” for realism ports from Democracy 1.


A few comments on the mods page. Sorry to be a pain as I know you are very busy with more important things, but just a suggestion to make all the mods as easily accessible as possible.

Can we have headings for each type of mod - eg. “policies”, “events”, “dilemmas”, etc. This would make it a lot easier for people to navigate through them.

Also, rather than just using the zip file name of them, which looks a bit messy and also sometimes doesn’t explain what they actually do, can we use a more descriptive name for the link text? If you sort them into categories it will make it easier to tell what most of them are anyway. I’ve put suggested link text after the filenames below.

Looking at the current list:

Missions ported from Democracy 1

As well as those that are already under this heading… - “Canada” - “France” - “Germany” - “Italy” - “UK” - “USA”

The missions that have been modded to be more realistic can probably also go here: - “A more up-to-date version of the UK” - “Poland”

Situations - “Corruption and Sanctions”

Policies - “Government Control of Industry”
Private - “Private Police”
Arms - “Arms Development”
Space - “Space Exploration”
Youth - “Youth Tutelage”
Sports - “Sports Subsidies”
Church - “Church Tax” - “Pandamans policies (includes videogame censorship, immigration tax, homosexual rights etc…”
Plus three new policies I am about to E-mail to you


I’m about to E-mail you a pack of three new dilemmas

Misc Mods - “A mod that makes situations harder to deal with as you get more successful” - “An mod that introduces inflation and monetary policy to the game”
Plus the State Union mod I am about to E-mail to you