Free press/government donations mod(WIP)

I want to do this because I feel its an element in the game which hasn’t been sufficiently tackled. The premises are these:

Press control/regulation effecting liberal and conservative happiness together but detracting from socialist.
Also something to reflect the fact that most press is owned by wealthy capitalistic elites who propagate their agenda, maybe a slider for that but I think it would be better to simply have a modifier based off inequality(more inequality = more capitalistic propaganda in the media). What do you guys think?

Press control needs a ‘free press’ indicator to show how free the press is, effecting various areas of society. I need to think on what effects to attach to this later.

Secondly, political funding.

Gives income for the government, comfort to capitalists and wealthy(who have paid off the government) and annoys socialists alot along with liberals.
It’s unrealistic in that it gives money to the government not a party, however it will be giving money to keep a capitalistic party in power due to the effects so it works de facto I think.

Any ideas/comments?

P.S. there is no certainty I can do this, but I had a glance over the modding methodology and it seems fairly straight forward. Also a guy in this forum made a nice modder GUI

I believe that implementing medias is a necessary first step before adding such policies. Nice idea though. I’ll follow what you come up with.

Good idea with media. Here is a follow on idea…

Suggestion: Maybe having a separate budget for “your political party” which can increase with donations from special interest groups / industry in exchange for favours (how beneficial to them/happy they are with your rule will effect the amount of donations to you in the next cycle),

This funding is then used in a new policy called “political campaign or media war” which heavily influences voters (like in reality)

What do you think. I think this is critical to how a modern democracy works.

Hello everyone,

In Germany we have this in form of :

public TV stations*, funded mainly by GEZ, that is a obligation fee any household (owning a TV or Radio receiver) has to pay, broadcast nationwide and regional programms, broad good-to-know information, EDUtainment, more intellectual and usable content (consumer info programms, e.g. how to care for your health/money/food), very few new Hollywood movies
*founded and installed by the goverment 1950(ARD) and 1961(ZDF)

private TV stations*, funded mainly by advertising breaks and telephone-voting-fees,
broadcast lots of new Hollywood movies, many Reality-TV shows and many Casting shows, Quiz-for-Money shows
*were allowed and started after 1986(deregulation)

public Radio stations, funded mainly by GEZ and some advertising breaks and some telephone-lottery/quiz-fees,
nationwide stations and regional stations

private (regional) Radio stations, funded mainly by (regional) advertising
( regional = town, county/district )

independent Radio stations, funded by volunteer work and donations, some advertising, sometimes connected to a university etc

This overview does only include radio frequency broadcasting radio stations.
This overview does not include ANY internet-only broadcasting stations. Internet-Radio is far more complex and diverse.

There are nationwide and regional newspapers (paper print).

But there are NO public newspapers in Germany*,
many newspapers were founded in 19th century,
and most are political-party-independent
so there was no need for the goverment to install any.

public newspapers == öffentlich-rechtliche Tageszeitungen
exeption <1%
ERSTELLT 22.10.2008
Am Donnerstag oder Freitag wird in Dresden die öffentlich-rechtliche Tageszeitung beschlossen. Hier und da wird sie mit Anzeigen erscheinen. Aber eigentlich braucht sie das nicht. Denn diese Tageszeitung der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten wird durch eine Zwangsgebühr vom Staat finanziert. So ist sie aller Geldsorgen ledig. Nun sind zwar weder ein „ARD-Bote“ noch eine „ZDF-Post“ als gedrucktes Medium in Planung. Wohl aber im Internet.

public Radio … == öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk
public newspapers == öffentlich-rechtliche Tageszeitungen

Thx for reading my contribution.
Cheers :slight_smile: