Freedom Statistics

Hello cliff and community.
I enjoy doing dictatorships: D (I dissociate myself from oppressive and non-oppressive dictatorships) but the statistics on freedom are missing. The statistics on freedom in my opinion should be influenced exactly with the laws that affect democracy, obviously the laws belonging to a police state (curfew, mandatory microchips, censoring the internet, censoring the media, etc ā€¦) and the laws that affect on the ideal and on liberal membership (apart from laws such as military spending, surgical attacks, nuclear weapons, but rather on military conscription, on the prohibition of possessing firearms, on the laws of alcohol, etc ā€¦)

That was all, this idea would make the game a little more realistic even though democracy 4 is already very realistic

if you have something to do leave a comment on the post, you too Cliff: D !!!

P.S. I left a positive review on Steam !!! : D

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Hmmm, I wonder what negative effects would a topped freedom statistic would bring?

a little bit of turning up corruption?

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Iā€™m not sure about corruption, as a high level of freedom does not mean the government cannot investigate or stop illegal activities. I do think that high levels of freedom can increase immigration and the happiness of basically everyone.

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