Freedonia : Ministers not matching?

I’m playing a game with the country called Freedonia, and i have a huge problem :

First, 5 ministers available on 11 have the “Religious” influence, but this group represents only 5% of the population! Of course they are quite pissed off by the policies i have setup, so half of my ministers are unhappy and give me only 1 PP/turn with a maximum of 21.
Second, the others seems to be very pissed off too, though i dont really understand why (someone said something about volatility and honeymoon but the problem is far beyond these details).

Meaning that i have a country with almost 80% supportive pulbic opinion, a healthy 90 billion reserve cash, but all my ministries giving me the lowest political power ever possible. (that is, one per each). And here comes the market krash : i roughly need to cut my expenditure by half, i cant do that becaus most of this requires 25 PP. And i’m getting thrown out becaus of the skyrocketing debt.

So either this country is populated with idiots who chose to elect theire representative by selecting the guys on the opposite side (and chosing the guy they really hate as president, so he can live in hell for the next 3 years), or something is wrong in da code.

If the challenge of Freedonia is to have to govern a country with a assembly of aristocratic, stiff-necked, religioulsy decadent ministries, thats ok, but this doesnt not seems to be the case. I really like that scenario, i need help! :

I think you just got unlucky with your ministers. I’ve run the scenario a few times, and I’ve never received that many religious ministers. Have any of them quit yet? If there are other minsters, you could fire the ones that don’t agree with your policies. You’ll get 3 points from the minsters for a while, which might be enough to cut your expenditures. Just be aware that firing ministers can reduce your popularity…even if they were unpopular ministers.

Ah ok, i didnt knew the ministries were chosen randomly.

Thanks you for your reply, i’ll try the minister firing thing, even if all the “backup ministers” are of lower loyalty than the one i got currently in charge.