Freespace 2

So recently I purchased freespace 2 and started to think these ships would look pretty good in GSB
So I decided to start cracking I have taken pictures of all the Galactic Terran Vasudan Alliance or GTVA ships

We’ve got fighters frigates and cruisers and lots of them

So I am going to start converting them To .dds formats but once I am done I am not quite sure I want to
Start modding GSB again I am very busy with school so I will try but I cannot promise anything

But maybe you can so I have decided to release all of the .jpg files for you guys

Videos and Pictures


I reviewed the pix in your linked archive. I thought that some of them had potential as-is, but many of them fail to impress me purely on visual appeal alone. Most games’ graphics fail to impress me, but the eye candy is never the reason that I buy them.

Mixing and matching between hulls would be more likely to yield attractive combinations of parts, I think. Just my $0.02.

And it’s not as if I discriminate against relatively ugly hulls all the time, either; you have no idea… :smiley:

I know what you mean about time pressure. That doesn’t always get better with age, either. :confused:

that’s a pretty cool idea that will definitely think about doing that thanks

NP, dude. It’s often easier to treat the stuff as if it’s a big bin of LEGO bricks instead of killing yourself with the effort to turn one troublesome hull into something potentially amazing. :wink:

Of course this is a viable plan when you have a big crop of digital content that’s harvested from someone else who already did the lion’s share of the work. Just try going from analog to digital! Now double that already difficult challenge because in that particular case, one has little fine-resolution control over the average-to-poor quality of your source data. That’s enough to drive a man crazy. One either has to have no other practical way of obtaining the graphical data you require, or have an artistic love affair with the source data itself or what the data represents, or both.

I’d far, far rather have a relatively plain or even ugly ship that I love rather than a smooth and polished-looking design that I’m indifferent to. The graphics themselves really aren’t always important – it’s what you do with them regarding gameplay that truly matters! I wouldn’t still be playing Master of Orion 2 with my kid 14 years later if i didn’t absolutely, unhesitatingly love the gameplay. I don’t care one bit about the now-primitive visuals because the game offers me the functionality that i demand.

I’m confident that I’m not the only player who feels that way about game graphics: eye candy can be great when it’s made with care, but it’s definitely not the major consideration for all players.