French Translation


Hello Everyone, Hello Cliffski,

First of all, congratulations for this great game !

I don’t know if i post in the good forum but are you interested by a French Translation ?
Some terms and sentences are different for us (French) and could lead to confusion or at least to misunderstandings of the game.
Also, I just spent a big week translating those following topics (and I think it’s finished) :

  1. The tutorial : Make the sentences more adapted to the French language, add accents and clearer explanations on the tutorial.
  2. Research: Technologies and processes did not have the right names: (Valves = “Soupape”, Airco = “Ventilation”, Vent = “Calandre”, “Stop-Start system” ( we use this name for our cars), etc…
  3. The architecture of Process research tree on the engine and the powertrain. (for me, there is a big difference between each one). In the french version, it seems that it was inverted.
  4. Added the missing texts of upgrades in the French version for the options “headlights Xénon”, “headlights LED” “heated wingmirrors” and “foldable wingmirrors” in manufacture and task fit in each slots.
  5. Adaptations of various terms that we use in France and that is more understandable for us like “Alerte Franchissement de ligne”

Nevertheless, there are some terms that I had some difficulties to translate correctly as “No Export Room”. (So I used the term “overproduction” meaning that there were no slot available to receive the production).

and many others words …

I hope that I haven’t made any false sense to the original game.
If you like and you agree with this translation, could you (you or the positech team) upload the french translation and inform the french users ?
I put the translation as an attachment (12 files in 1 zip file). Do you prefer to broadcast it or do I have to upload the files to Steam?

Thanks for your replies
Congratulations again.

Edit : Following Cliffski’s explanation on the “Difference bettween Engine and Powertrain”, I was not entirely happy with the previous translation.
So I reworked this morning the part “engine” to have the same terms as on the original version.
I could not find a shorter synonym to explain the powertrain (“Groupe Motopropulseur”) which includes the engine and the “Calculateur” (ECU).

Translations_FR(v1.51).zip (30.7 KB)