Friends Disrespect Romances

When you enter a romance with another person, your friends should realize that and change their people-inviting behaviour for events. It should either be rare for them to invite your character and not his/her SO, or it should be rare for them to feel snubbed if they invited character but not character’s SO. It shouldn’t be inevitably the case that they’ll invite only you. I’ve not yet received an invitation that included both my character and their SO in the game so far, and that’s rather frustrating. It means that starting a relationship will result in either A) losing most friends due to rejecting their invitations, B) losing my honesty trait entirely due to pleading lack-of-cash, or C) losing the relationship by “snubbing”.

And don’t get me started on one-on-one invites. That should be pretty darned rare (except from your SO) once a romance starts, since it’s a transparent offense from the person presenting the invitation.

P.S. Chess tournaments plz.

Well, since the people your friends invite are all friends of theirs, you can make sure that your SO is friends with as many of your other friends as possible. But mainly it’s a matter of keeping your friendships and relationship strong enough that the occasional snubbing won’t cause someone to leave you.

Still, I agree; while it’s true in real life that being in a relationship can cause one’s social life to suffer, invites from one’s friends shouldn’t cause that much relationship friction.