Friendy Fire?


I’ve just got the game and I’m enjoying playing it.

I’m using ‘Full 1.36’.

I did the following and I wonder why it happens:

I designed a spaceship based on the ‘Imperial Weapons Platform Hull’ with 2 x ‘Frigate Powered Armour’, 1 x ‘Power Generator’, 1 x Micro-Crew Module, 1 x Anti-Fighter Missile Launcher and nothing in any of the other slots.

I fought the battle ‘Battle of Mexallon II’ a number of times on Normal, placing a square of sixteen of these ships in the bottom left hand corner of the map. They destroyed the initial wave of fighters fairly quickly without loss, taking little or no damage.

I designed the ships like that to test the minimum payload they would need to survive the first wave of fighters, with a view to adding more modules to deal with the rest of the ships afterwards.

I changed the design by adding 7 x 'Frigate Missile Launcher’s and replacing the ‘Micro-Crew Module’ with a ‘Crew Module II’.

I fought the battle again a number of times and generally about half my ships were destroyed very quickly, before any of the enemy’s frigates or cruisers arrived.

Why did this happen? Am I shooting myself with the new missiles?

Thanks for any advice you can give.


More weapons means more modules and more modules with the same amount of armour means that the armour protecting each module is thinner. If the average armour is higher than the armour penetration of the weapon the shot in most cases will be reflected without damage.

Thank you. That makes sense. How do you know this?

Look at the stats on your ship designs (upper right hand corner) and it will tell you the armor resistance of the ship. Shield resistance I think is an average of all the shields on the ship.


I was originally under the impression that it took the highest resistance module on board your ship and it applied it to everything. Has this changed?

I was only assuming, 'cause the way you describe it sounds very abusable.

I’m gonna have to review all my designs with multiple reflective shields…

I’m pretty certain you only need a single shield for your high reflective value, but if that shield fails the next highest value will be used, so multiple reflective shields can still be useful.

Greenglue is right. You need just the one high resistance shield. I also think that when/if it goes down, all other shields still retain that reflection value, though i havent been keeping up with the patchs since i havent bothered to buy the order.

I think this has been fixed.

That’s my recollection as well. I do wish I had something firmer to support my hazy memory with. That bugs me, esp. concerning such an important point of GSB.

Straight from the horse’s mouth: viewtopic.php?p=27208#p27208