[frigate MOD] Type III crew module

Down in the dumps about not having enough crewpersons to operate all of your frigate gadgetry at the same time?

Or, worse, having to use two or even three module spaces solely for crew accommodation if you DO want to have an effective warship?

Fret no longer, comrades. I present to you the Type III crew module. Plenty of room for plenty of folks. And in a package that takes up only one module space. More room for armor, engines, and guns, as it should be.

Now go open up a can of Whoop-Ass on your enemy with a squadron of deadlier, quicker, better frigates in your fleet!

unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
classname = "SIM_CrewModule"
category = "OTHER"
size = "FRIGATE"
name = "frigate crew III"
guiname = "Crew Module III"
description = "Extra large, extra tough, extra useful! This huge crew section will house the personnel your new modules need - in comfort as well as safety."
weight = 46
cost = 55
hitpoints = 46
icon = module_crew_reinforced.dds
crew_required = 0
powerconsumed = 1.3
crewsupply = 114
slot_type = STANDARD

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = crewsupply,INTEGER
4 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL

Given that crew accommodation (berths, life support, mess, actual battle stations positions (CIC, bridge, engineering, etc)) are all part of the crew module, jamming too many in one space seems sort of counter intuitive pitched as just more crew. I like the “droid bay” concept used, though. Another take is more crew modules that are smaller than the largest allowed so while using 2 modules you can at least get the weight, etc, optimal.

I concede your point. Like many in-game abstractions of concrete entities and their functions IRL, this upgraded crew module is cut from similar cloth. If I wanted ‘realism’, I’d go play Star Fleet Battles. I’m here for the gratuitousness instead. This module will surely improve your frigate’s combat effectiveness…no other warranties are in force, either expressed or implied. [-very big grin-]

I’d not call SFB realism, lol. Maybe “Brilliant Lances”.

I wasn’t thinking realism so much as balance within GSB. Having to delete modules, or alter the design to not have to use more space for crew provides balance. If every Frigate doesn’t ever need more than 1 module for crew, then it prevents novel trade offs that make design interesting (if that makes any sense).

In terms of the explanation (module description), one way to get more crew would be to say that the module uses advanced automation, etc.

I’m planning on scaling up energy, crew, and shields. By scale, I mean increase weight, price, energy etc at the same rate as the benefits (protection, damage, range), so that trade-offs will still occur. This should keep balance in check to a reasonable degree. For example, a fighter with very heavy equipment is going to either cost an arm and a leg for the required engine, or die when it can’t speed away. For frigates and cruisers, cost will be the issue - if you can only field a handful, the quantity of the opposing force will win out.

At least, I hope it works that way. :slight_smile:

Another frigate gadget from the bottom of my toolkit. This should help console those admirals who are tired of having to allocate sooooo much space to crew quartering instead of things that make your frigates faster, tougher or more deadly. In union with my Type IV power generator, i foresee some interesting possibilities for new frigate designs.