[frigate MOD] Type IV power generator

Got the blues about never having enough gigawatts to go around on your frigates?

The three kinds of frigate power generators in a stock install of the game leave your smaller combat ships rather wimpy and weak. Or hard-hitting, yes, but so very sllooooowww. I’ve even heard of frustrated frigate captains resorting to placement of additional power generators inside of weapons hardpoints. Argh!

Fear not…I’ve got the medicine to cure this; the Type IV. It lets your frigates become the ships that they were meant to be.

unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
classname = "SIM_PowerModule"
category = "OTHER"
size = "FRIGATE"
name = "frigate power IV"
guiname = "Power Generator IV"
description = "The latest frigate destructo-toys won't energize themselves, you know. Introducing the Type IV power core, featuring 'Wave Motion' tech...your new best friend."
weight = 68
hitpoints = 13
cost = 145
icon = module_powergen_v7.dds
crew_required = 18
powerconsumed = 0
powerproduced = 48
slot_type = STANDARD

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = powerproduced,DECIMAL
4 = crew_required,INTEGER


I have to say, this is one of the most useful frigate mods in the GALAXY! …seriously.

Thank you, Hybrinoid. I concede that it is a very obvious mod, esp. after cliffski saw fit to nerf the existing frigate power plants. I will admit I’m proud of myself for stepping up to the plate and taking a swing at the ball, though. This mod badly needed to be done.

…Well, if I didn’t know one of your interests before, I would know it now…

I mean, really, “wave motion”? Well, I would have likely used “reflex”, “reaction”, or “protoculture” in there (assuming I didn’t decide to show off my like of SRW and use something Banpresto came up with), but still…

Battlecruiser operational.

what’s this? My frigate actually survived the battle that i won 90%-1%? Impossible!

Our newest players - and modders! - may want to take a look at my gadget here. When I hear folks crying about their frigates because they fell down and went “boom!,” it’s time for me to let 'em know that…I’ve got the medicine to cure what ails ya. :wink: Enjoy, mes amis.

Archduke, make a bigger frigate shield while you’re at it, nvm i can do it :wink:

I copied this mod and installed it, and it caused the game to crash. In comparing it with current .txt files of similar modules, however, I noticed one line was missing:

Don’t know what that does, but when I added it to the file (next line after slot_type), it worked (in v. 1.4.7) perfectly.

That line determines where on the list the module is placed in the ship design area