Frigate Repair?

Not sure if this has already been suggested, but I think it’d be great if there were some way to repair frigates other than Tribal ones. Perhaps some sort of docking thing, like a fighter bay, to be put on cruisers? I’m not sure how it would work but if there were some way to dock a frigate with a cruiser for repairs if they had the correct module, that would be great. Those poor things get reduced to scrap pretty quick ones the fighting starts it seems, no matter what defences I give them.

Seems like an easy mod. Make a smaller, lighter, less capable repair module.

I’m not really into using mods, I’d prefer to play the game on official ground, at least when competition is involved.

I don’t really like mods either. But how about a ‘repair beam’. that would also get rid of ‘space hulks’ ships that have no functioning modules, but have no died. A 'frigate repair bay would be useful too, but with massive weight.

I don’t have a problem with frigates not having repair - you can make 'em cheap enough that it’s not a big deal when they go pop. That’s what happens when ship construction always goes to the lowest bidder. :slight_smile:

Though I will agree that having hulks that are just functional enough to qualify as “ships” can be an annoying state of combat. You should at least be able to hit them with a grapple and send them careening into the middle of the enemy formation like an occupied battering ram.

I don’t mind. I provide good life insurance for my ship crews. :slight_smile:

Mods can always be incorporated into the official game if cliffski likes what he sees.

For example a frigate repair bot module. Smaller, with less of everything, or even the same, the extra cost, weight, and crew would obviously be undesirable as a trade-off.

I’m fine with damage control being on most ships as long as it is balanced right.

surely you should give hulls to the highest bidder so you could save money on the life insurance?

No way. Give the hulls to the lowest bidder… And spend money on lawyers / judges / hit men to save money on the life insurance.

or use droid bays so there is no need for life insurance?

It would be more interesting if there was a repair frigate setup as frigates are so numerous it doesn’t seem very economical to have to slap a repair module on each and everyone.

this cry’s out for destroyers : midway between frigate and cruiser. (according to the halo universe)

My ships are government contracts. They go to the lowest bidder by default.

Actually, since it’s government-sponsored insurance, the government is the designated beneficiary. And the government runs the insurance companies too. It’s a clear situation of Peter robbing Paul to pay the guy who slips money back into Paul’s wallet. But it gives the accountants something to do. :slight_smile:

I could see this as a big, heavy frigate module that allows the equipped ship to run about and repair other capital ships (i.e., other frigates and even other cruisers). And the diminishing returns on stacked modules would even make sense since multiple crews tend to get in each others’ way. It would make for a pretty good module for escort frigates, too - maybe opening up a module slot on the escorted cruiser since it might not need its own internal repair module anymore.

I don’t use escort frigates… I can do challenges with 100% using one three engined tribe cruiser design. (no fighters)

Old thread now, but the “dock a frigate to repair/rearm it” sounds like a CJ Cherryh idea, carrier with riderships, from her Company Wars series.

Given the scale of the game, this sort of thing might wait until we get ships bigger than cruisers. . .


I made a frigate repair module for the SB mod. I made it not really cost anything except space and weight, but it is incredibly slow. The idea is that it’s just damage control (meaning existing crew who otherwise are not used at battle stations).

It makes sense that ships should very slowly repair all the time at some level (supply limited).

I think we should have Dreadnoughts, And They can deploy and repair a frigate squadron! And the ONE piece of control over the battle is when to release them.
(I sense flames over that)