Frigate Size Limits and others

Well I was wondering what is the maximum size of a frigate. I’m planning on a small mod with only two hulls and few modules and 2 weapons. I want to limit each weapon to a certain hull, would that be possible with using the frigate class with a ship that would be considered a cruiser? Also can I limit the number of ships that can be fielded? I want these ships to be useable in all scenarios, but only one or two of each. Thanks in advance.

Hello here’s my answers to your questions as best as I could answer them.
Frigate size ~ There is no real limit to a ships size, just keep in mind the bigger the ship the more it’ll get hit!
Frigate’s being considered a cruiser ~ it can’t be considered a cruiser by the game, but it can walk and talk like one!
Limiting the number of ships ~ The only easy way I can think of doing this is giving them a very high cost to deploy, but this will obviously depend on the scenarios allowed fund!

Hope that helped!

It would be whatever the maximum size GSB allows. I have ships that are classified as frigates in the game code, but are for all intents and purposes cruisers. A Solarian battleship is a frigate code-wise, but it’s 320 units long.

Best way for that would be cost boost. Make them so expensive only one or two are deployable in any given scenario.