Frigate Survival Challenge!

Ok, so lots of people have 100,000+ point score on the survival challenge, and everyone uses impenetrable cruisers that take forever to tear down. I thought of something that would be more of a challenge would be use only fighters and frigates. Now there are no heavy armored, repairing ships. Only speed, and tactics can save you!

Just post a screen-shot with your score. This also shows how many hull point you used, which should show that no cruisers where used. Lets see what you’ve got!

How the heck are people getting to 100,000 points with or without frigates? My scores are only the 30k range right now. I’d love a few pointers.

well, you should probably use fighters, seeing as you’re against the empire, to start…

Hmm, I tried 3 full squads of Laser Cannon fighters which died promptly after a few waves. :\

Then I tried 3 full squads of single rocket fighters which lasted until around 40k. The rest of my cruisers lasted til 59k though. :slight_smile:

So I’ve noticed a few things so far: Repair droids and decent armor are mandatory for the Empire challenge. A repair bay helps your fighters stay alive. Escort orders seem to help until the ship that is the escort focus dies. Tractor beams seem to be a cheap way of dispatching enemy fighters with your main guns.

How do you deal with enemy fighters though? Even when I prioritize them at 1%, my cruisers waste too much time chasing them down. I might make one or two specialized anti-fighter ships and hope they don’t get killed early on.

Anyway, back on topic, how high a score have people achieved with only frigates?

My scores are atrociously bad, only 12k or so, but in order to get your cruisers to stop targeting fighters, you can just right click the attack fighters orders menu. It will remove the order just like it would Cautious or Vulture or any other order.

well legedi did say no cruisres and that means no fighter repair bays.

shame frigates cannot have a frigate fighter bay that is limited to x5-8 fighters only