"Frigates Inoperable"?


While you can make fighters and cruisers inoperable in custom scenarios, you can’t do so with frigates. Now I understand this is probably due to a lower usability, but I’d still really like to see this.


Ensure that “all ships require engines” are checked when making your scenario and then limit frigate engines to 0 in the supply limits. This essentially ensures that frigates are not deployable as they need the engine to be deployed - but you have removed the engines in the supply limits.

Of course nothing to say now.


The only problem is that this doesn’t work if there is modded frigate thruster.
(For example, this doesn’t work against the Frtiolg!)


This was my thought as well - several of my modded races have custom engines for various ship classes.

It would be nice to have a “no frigates allowed” map condition. Of course, it makes for an extremely easy path to making a map where you literally can’t do anything (I’ll assume folks can figure out how I mean). So it’s a bit of give-and-take. Personally I see the lack of no-frigate maps as a way to get players to actually use frigates now and then. Make a frigate-only map and watch the fireworks!