Full Employment Mandate

A policy for full employment?

Compulsory Work for the Unemployed resembles this, but it doesn’t actually prevent unemployment as I think you intend.

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Compulsory work for the unemployed is more menial work, I guess my intention is that unemployed people should go into all sectors of the economy. This would probably reduce automation and productivity and increase corruption.

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Shouldn’t it decrease unemployment that policy?

Compulsory Work does, yes. Presumably due to the people commissioned being offered more permanent public works roles, or becoming traditionally employed to get out of the hassle of being required to do menial labour.

Does it in the game?

Yeah, it’s a small value though. I don’t know of any real systems that do compulsory work.

Doesn’t Sweden have part time work for those on unemployment benefit?

I was not aware. So long as it promises liveable welfare it makes sense, disability requirements notwithstanding. (I’m sure a differently abled program could be hypothetically devised though)

As far as I know, a lot if not all welfare states have workfare. Even the most generous ones.

I don’t know if 760 SEK per day (USD 88.35) is liveable welfare. Maybe it is with all the other benefits combined? ~$2650 per month is probably enough for subsistence living. With Public Housing in Sweden, Public Education, Public Transport, etc. Maybe?

Unemployment benefit in Sweden | Nordic cooperation (norden.org)

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