Full screen windows mode


I do have some things about the windows mode. When I start the game it will posision the game smack in the middel of my two screens.
Is there some way you can make it so it can be played in fullscreen windows mode, and the selection on what screen I can play it on ?

If I play in fullscreen mode the game will minimize so I can not see the screen, if I have to look some thing up on the net as well.
If I play in windows mode I need to play in a lower reselution then my screen is as the taskbar and title bar take some space away from the playing field.

Would definitely be appreciated. I’m another person who uses dual monitors and it’d be nice to have full screen windowed mode so that any screen hopping won’t minimise the game.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way of achieving this in Unity via code (searched for hours!) but I think you can achieve what you require by using a “-popupwindow” shortcut.

  1. First, either create a shortcut to the Big Pharma.exe or use the one that comes with the game.
  2. Right click on it and hit “properties”
  3. In the “Target” box add, outside of the quotes: -popupwindow
  4. Make sure there is a space after the final quote and before the hyphen. It should look something like this:

“D:\Games\Big Pharma\Big Pharma.exe” -popupwindow

This will remove the border if the game is already in Windowed mode. You may have to go into the game, set it to windowed mode, quit and the relaunch.

If you want to set a specific resolution you can use the config.ini:

…\Big Pharma_Data\GameData\Settings\config.ini

and set the following keys:

I hope that helps.

you can achieve this using windowed mode and using WindowedBorderlessGaming - westechsolutions.net/sites/Windo … g/download