Full Unlock -mayNotCauseSideEffects strategy

Playing the new scenario “mayNotCauseSideEffects” in the “Full Unlock” challenge line and my 1st ingredient has cure range encompassed by range of unremovable cure.

Cure: “Soothes Cold Symptoms” 3 to 10 w/ effect of “Dries Mouth” 2 to 10 “Cannot Remove”.

What is supposed to be the approach - just ignore that ingredient and try to get to Operating profit (500k, 1.2M, 2.5M) w/ in 12 months w/ other ingredients?

Or quit the game and try to get better ingredients?

Or upgrade the ingredient and hope the next level cure range is outside of the effect range?

You can remove effects by throwing the ingredient through a Centrifuge. You’ll end up with one output with the cure and one output with the side effect. Just put the side effect into an incinerator (Analyser).

Yeah, was just coming back to post “duh - full unlock, I have Centrifuge and Multi-mixer available”.