Full version game download link not working

I got 13 megabytes of this game download using Flashget, then the link stopped working. Copying the link in the browser sends me to a page saying
“This product is no longer available for download, this may be due to the maximum number of allowed attempts exceeded or the allotted time.” Please attend to this matter promptly. I only had an hour and 50 minutes to go, so I don’t want to redownload the whole thing again. I want download from where I left off. My order reference number is 13288099. Please help!

Please send me a link that works for a least a day. I purchased it and a least need to finish it. I already sent an email to princessaurora5484@yahoo.com. Please attend to this matter promptly!

Hi, I’ve emailed you. I’m in the UK, so I just woke up and got the email here.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter!

Got 14 megabytes done this time before it stopped working again.