Funniest moments in GSB?

Simply put, what’s your craziest moment in Gratuitous Space Battle, whether it be a miscalculation or a complete curbstomp battle from another’s tactical error.

Mine happened quite a few moments ago, in my first Galactic Conquest mission, easy with the Union, 20 Planets. I ran into a fork in the road where there’s 2 worlds: One with a full cadre of support buildings, the other being a ‘no fighter’ nomilality. I seperated my Cruiser and four frigates, leaving 2 squads of Firefly Dogfighters, a squad of Firefly Frigatehunters, and a similar number of rebel fighter/bombers I picked up on my way there.

While the big ships are still deciding what to do to combat from there, I’m attacked on the world guarded by the fighters. I’m pretty much going ‘oh, crap.’

When the battle begins, it’s a Order fleet- composing of 6k hull points, comprised of 2 cruisers, and the rest made of fighters. More ‘oh crap’.

When the battle begins in earnest, it seems all those fighters are bombers. My force of 1500 or so hull points completely curbstomps them, and as a bonus I get almost thier entire fleet of ‘Fast Rocket Fighters’.

My funny moment of some hours ago, Blaig made for me a scenario that allows you to start the battle directly inside the enemy formation, pretty fun to play, against the Rebels… sooo, i decided to test the EX-Beta Leviathan against them, deployed [size=200]6[/size] huge leviathans equiped with several short range weapons and around 5 Nefeloma Heavy Pulse Beam Cannons in each one, a VERY powerful weapon…
So, 6 leviathans against a fleet of around 20 cruisers, 10 frigates and 4 fighter scuads (around)… -“This is gonna be fun, and easy >:D” i said.
Started the scenario and waited those 2 seconds that pass between the scenario start and the weapons activation… when all the weapons were activated, i saw with disbelief what was happening… all the rebels were equiped with EMP cannons… -ho-ly-shit!
Too late, all my leviathans were victims of almost continuous emp discharges… the fun part? 6 leviathans destroyed by 20 cruisers and 10 frigates, when its supossed that only one well equiped leviathan is suposed to be capable to fight with a fleet of that size…

It was some weeks ago, in Galactic Conquest, when the enemy attacked one of my worlds.

Unfortunately my fleet was decimated from previous engagements, and was composed only from cruisers with proton beams and heavy plasma and a few laser fighters (I was fighting against tanks before).
Guess what I was facing …a fleet of very fast frigates, designed to kill cruisers. They didn’t get hit from my cruisers low-tracking weapons and my few fighters get killed. When my first cruisers get killed I was sure that I will loose the battle, and all my cruisers with it. My cruisers were so slow, that I didn’t even try to retreat…

The fun moment came some seconds later, when the frigates came closer to my remaining cruisers and I realized that they didn’t have the ‘keep moving’ orders… My proton beams begun to hit the immobile frigates and I finally won the ‘already lost’ battle.

I edited one of the scenarios to have a credit limit of 10,000,000 and used the classic dreadnoughts mod to fill the deployment area with dreadnoughts.

I also just had a battle where I was facing a missile spam fleet with two armor tanks. I tried my missile spam fleet with 5 multiphasic shields and one high-resistance shield per cruiser. When the other fleet started firing, I realized that my shields were so strong they repaired faster than the other fleet could shoot.

Kind of an “outside-the-game” funny, but I had a chuckle:

Awhile back I posted a challenge consisting of Imperial missile platforms escorted by some of my boilerplate Imperial ships, nothing special. Three identical “outpost” groupings, only anomaly being “no fighters”. I put it together to be an entertaining fight, but nothing too tough (I beat it three times out of three, without doing anything silly to exploit the orders I knew were there).

So imagine my wide-eyed amazement when I got a bunch of comments about how tough that challenge was (including a kudos from Cliff himself!). Made me laugh because it proved on some level that sometimes, it really is better to be lucky than good.

Meanwhile I did a ‘True Swarm’ fleet challenge early on in my GSB career which was basicly a ‘zerg rush’ of torpedo bombers and fighters, with some cruisers and frigates sent along in case torpedos didn’t work. Naturally, the challenges were curbstomped, and one of the replies stated ‘You need more fighter defense’. With a good 25% of my force set as ‘target fighters’ first, it made me scratch my head o,o

Set up a Union fight for differential a few moments ago. Guess I’ll see if it’s any better :stuck_out_tongue: