Funny "REBUYABLE" flag

I played a little with the assets flags and I noticed some peculiarities:
with pets, although the " REBUYABLE " flag is established, the pets are not actually rebuyable (v.1.19). This does no harm, since the irresponsible pet owner really shouldn’t be allowed to own more and more unfortunate :cry: pets.

With books, removing “rebuyable” flag does nothing (pages read count), but attention :exclamation: : if I remove the " SELLABLE" flag, the book is no longer rebuyable; you CAN sell it though, but it just never appears on the shelf anymore. This peculiarity, I guess, has something to do with multiplicity of and listings in a savefile.

If you ever need to adjust those rebuyable/sellable flags, keep in mind that with some items the role of sellable flag might be to enable reselling, which eliminates the function of rebuyability flag.

If anyone is interested – the idea is, you only gain from reading certain books (like PeopleSkills or confidence boost books) once, at least not the same amount (of confidence, if I stick to the example) as the first time the book was read. With some books, re-reading them (DealingWithStress) brings about the same effect, and with other books (Encyclopedia) we can imagine buying, reading, selling and again buying consequent editions.

Cheers, Phoebe