[Funny Sorta Bug] Alleviates Insomnia contradiction

Was just playing and noticed this:


Alleviates Insomnia is what the drug does, but it has a bad side effect of “Prompts Sleepiness”.
Isn’t that a good thing if you have insomnia? :slight_smile:
Random Fainting is also edge-case good too.
Narrows pupils would let in less light and make things a little blurry, also probably a good thing if you have insomnia.

All in all, i should just run this through the collider to activate everything and package it up as an industry leading Insomnia treatment. :slight_smile:

  • Ell

If you use a multimixer or centrifuge you can get a whole bunch of funny combinations. My personal favorite is “Cures Hypertension” and “Increases Blood Pressure”.