Future change? Industries

How about his an idea to expand the game (not sure whether its something that could be done as a patch, more likely an expansion or sequel one day).

basically everyone in the game that is a voter, has a job (unless they are unemployed obviously :smiley:). And a new object is introduced called an industry, possibly viewed on a separate screen. There are new policies, new events and situations and dilemmas, all of which affect certain industries more than others. So for example, your country may have a steel industry, with a certain level of pollution generated, and level of employment. Technological improvements could ultimately boost productivity, or automate and reduce employment for that industry. Foreign affairs policies such as tariffs and embargoes could affect specific industries (like the US did with steel). the government could grant subsidies or charge windfall taxes to different industries as it saw fit. maybe it would want a subsidised agricultural sector because it created a lot of jobs (albeit many low skilled) or it could subsidise high tech investment to create a fewer number of higher skilled jobs.

Is this doable? or too complex. is the game already too complex? or is this an area of the game you would like to see expanded, or would you rather it move in the direction of foreign relations, or political campaigning / spin / media?

Have you researched the question? Do voters tend vote in blocs according to the industry in which they work? I don’t think that is necessarily the case, although interest group politics, the influence of industry PAC money on the flow of campaign information, most certainly is the case.

IIRC, you got a degree in… was it Economics? What I’d like to see is a more detailed (and accurate) economic simulation, that takes into account concepts like capital structure, land value, and monetary policy. Have you ever read Human Action? Or Progress and Poverty? Both are worth the read, I think.

I don’t have anything to add to your reading list, but I can give you my opinion on the questions you have asked.

Doable? No idea - I’m no programmer!

Game too complex? I don’t think so, I think the game has scope for another couple of screens, although the main screen can get a little too cluttered IMO.

Game direction? Industry change would be my 3rd choice from the options given - I’d really like to see development of the foreign relations segment.

Industry modules create communities of interest and that makes the scenario a little bit simplistic and out of tune with the rest of the game, you need to incorporate the idea with communities of place to make it more realistic, you could look at mixing it in with regional governments.

The reason I emphasize this point is because globalization could easily move a whole industry to a developing country, so place-centred economics needs to be incorporated into the scenario.

Regional governments would be concerned with preserving and enhancing economic stability, and creating local-level economic sustainability.

interesting feedback. I guess any expansion of the economics side of things really needs to be accompanied by more depth in the diplomacy and foreign relations area.

It would be more fun if we had even more freedom in Democracy 3 and could do a lot more. Perhaps it can become as advanced that you now can control the game with a map or something, dunno… just ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you wanted to develop industry sectors you would have to base it on the circular flow of income model.

You would need a government sector, a finance sector and an overseas sector

The government sector would directly affect:

• Pure scientific research

• Subsidies for emergent firms owned by university professors and students who have made patented discoveries

• Cooperative research centres for firms that cooperate with governments to make technological discoveries

The financial sector would directly affect industry development

• A strong share market would make finance more expensive but facilitate emerging industries better or

• A strong banking system would make finance cheaper but be more conservative with emerging industries

The overseas sector would deal with foreign ownership (insiders and outsiders) of large firms in strategic industries.

• Takeover and mergers laws that either banned or facilitated the activity

• Foreign investment laws that either banned or facilitated purchases of land and businesses (partially or fully)

Industries depending on their nature would be subject to special regulations

• Mining companies might have to pay royalties on top of all their other taxes

• Land developers might be subject to betterment tax and strict planning laws

The nature and structure of your firms will affect their composition and culture

• A small number of large companies or a large number of small companies

• Companies owned by shareholders or by families

How far should government intervention go

• Grants and subsidies

• Equity

You might want to read up on strategic trade theory

I just don’t know whether you should concentrate on developing the macro side of the game